UPDATED: 11/12/21 6:31pm Extravaganzist Flippy Guy, Flippy Guy Digital Twin. Yes can be found on the Metaverse if connected. Quantum Superfluid, Foil Fingerer. A RFI/QKD Privacy Amplification Device is just over the horizon. Next up, incorporating distribution of hyperentanglement via atmospheric free-space, a hand-held: Flippy Guy Foil. Do not trip over the words, read the whole message, if you get lost, you can always rewind.


AIM: Reflecting the Image of God & Inalienability in Metadevices, Metaverse, Metabeast, MetaPool, MetaWhateva. Manifesting a Spiritual element within the IoT on your world line requires trust and authentication. Who are you on the IoT’s? Who are you face to face? Are you the same because #ITMATTERS. Your His Image, His likeness. He knows you in both. Don’t be alarmed when He questions you. Today the Image of God in and throughout the virtual world is lacking because the IoT’s is a metadevice. It has no Spiritual context unless it is instilled purposfully thus conversely and by default and now by design destilled of this context. Listen, this is where censorship comes in. Recently that publisher Meta claims to be all inclusive with all faiths. Well who’s faith? What is going on with the 230 waiver on platforms? CENSORSHIP is the Theft of Identity. Cutting your tounge out is just inches from your neck. At the physical Border or the virtual Voting Booth, Identity Theft is Policy not People. Citizenship Matters because of Inalienable Rights. Mankind has built a virtual global communication device, connecting with our real world interactions. It must be informed of humanities Spiritual element not with just words using pixels and not just spins of photons. The IoT’s requires a secure quantum personal signature. A privacy amplification, that authenticates, protects, secures your Spiritual Identity as a HUMAN with Inalienable Rights  (Proof of Inalienablity). You are not a robot are you? You are human. Cyber evil, puppeteering your Image of God, stealing your DT legacy can be avoided and foiled and time is at hand to secure your DT legacy.

You have an intercessor with Christ. Does your Digital Twin relfect this. Is it secure at the quantum level? G5 let that run it’s marketing. In short order, QKD has leaped it. Your legacy must view it’s long distance within the IoT’s today for your legacy and for His glory. You need the God of Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness among some personally to advance you through resurrection. Thus you might ask. Why on earth would my DT need this? Go into ALL the world. The Virtual is part of earth.

These are the days of our Inalienable Rights.

“Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a dragnet cast into the sea, and gathering fish of every kind; and when it was filled, they drew it up on the beach; and they sat down and gathered the good fish into containers, but the bad they threw away. “So it will be at the end of the age; the angels will come forth and take out the wicked from among the righteous, and will throw them into the furnace of fire; in that place there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.” – Matt 13:47-50

Why is this needed? and What has caused this Theft? Raise your Identity Proof.

Identity Theft in all spheres has morphed truths into lies and visa versa. Be it in real-time face to face with others, virtual/mirrorworld or spiritual. Face to Face or Face to FaceBook? This lie is one of death or decay whatever one calls it, the decaying element in life is the LIE that you are not a child of God, created in His Image, A perfect reflection of His likeness being distilled accordingly. This starts in your synapes’s outwardly manifesting through your life. (hold off the breaching lie, it’s truth your reading) It continues into your DT as well because it is a reflection of your world line. The truth, you are a child of God. This requires that it be projected accordingly even in the virtual world. Who am I? I know who I am. I keep my own peace of mind. I am transparent, and firm in my conviction. I am not a Christ denialist. I project the Image of God. Here is how I do so on line. Meet me in person to see it live.TWITTLOGO




A light of quantum photons (11,280 photons on average in a pixel and yes, Per Pixel Pay* is my idea) can securely and perpetually embed your likeness to God in two forms. One is your own person. Look in the mirror. Yes that image is photons. Who’s spining those photons? The Holy Spirit? The winds of the world? Project accordingly. The second is a virtual Quantum Signature for you and your DT within the IoT’s. Why? To protect who you are in your world line, on-line. Whoever you are, it matters not to quantum thinking at geniuses4jesus, how you love, your inalienablity is within you. Recognize it and own it. It will be judged by your creator. Surely hacked into a likeness on the IoT’s that may not reflect your legacy. Protect it now. Your on-line DT must reflect who you are AND act accordingly. The sharper your Image of Him the more likely an evil will attempt to manipulate your photons, identity theft is a matter of clicks. Live transparent and free, knowing a quantum force will interced. More importantly, your DT and it’s interactions must reflect God’s seal of Inalienablity.

Look and see the factors found that contribute to this theft of identity on the IoT’s. Yes, Neutron tomography, Electromagnetic metamaterials, artificial media created by subwavelength structuring for manipulating electromagnetic space and light propagation. These are the high-end valuable medical versions of man-made things. Again no God found within these metamaterials. The NSA can hack a toaster, the toaster can hack the NSA. More common metamaterials are consistently working overtime to steal your Identity. Hackers, Media, just some of the many factors that contribute to false identities, theft and manipulation in the IoT’s. Think about what’s happening to the U.S. President. How many pixels must a person contend with? It is the point of contact on the IoT’s that you leave the breadcrumbs of your

digitization or


There is nothing new under the sun. All of this is about manipulating pixels to lead you astray. About as helpful as bowing down to a rock in the sand? Hmm who does that? Much of it is stealing God’s Image away from you. The world is carnal. A step in the right direction, on that gap between you and your life’s Image of God. Step passed the world and prepare your Image in advance of His coming. Think you will pass on before He arrives back? What are you going to leave in your wake? What is your virtual legacy, digital twin and who is in charge of its world line breadcrumbs?

All of this is manipulation in the virtual/mirror world is mostly carnal ways to steal not just your worldly stuff but your acknowlegement of who your are in God. His child. Yes, made in His Image. What does your’s look like on line? Sure, I get it, God made man, man-made the above. Benefits do exists in these spheres with man-made appliances and lives are physically saved. However they will never save one from eternal death or provide eternal life. Thanks to Covid-19 it is clear and evident that somethings are covert. Yes God is listening. Ohm yeah, that’s right, metamaterials can’t do that because they are dead. Ones Spiritual Identity can be lost within the nano pixels of the virtual world, the IoT’s and the greatest of God’s creation, man in His Image! Eternity is just a moment in time. Now is that time to choose or correct how your eternity reflects to those you encounter in your passing, face to face or later Digital Twin to Digital Twini. Think Different. Perhaps we can robotize at a future vector.

The internet is a hand-held electrically switchable metadevice used in real-time. We interact with it, form some discernment, prerogatives, perspectives individually and project them accordingly. We make choices, purchases, navigate all of which is recorded and ultimately builds our Digital Twin’s within the IoT’s. Based on the amount of time spent in the IoT’s, ones perch is what one makes of it. Don’t be unwise. What is it projecting? What did you do with your world line here within your virtual eternity? Did you risk it to others to reflect on or hack? Did you leave an exact enantiomer, digital twin so there is no other copy to discuss or question its author. (one of top 10 reasons for geniuses4jesus; you have no peers to review)

Ones world line is a path traced in 4-dimensional spacetime.spacetimehusimifunkiHusimi Q capped by Penrose is your world line vector any deviation is divine or decay.

Your Identity is bespoke with Inalienable Rights. It must be secured, perpetuated eternally. Signed, Sealed protected by God, His Son Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit. Your likeness, legacy virtual and real, your world line is a double-edged foil. BE SURE ON HOW YOU USE IT. IT CAN BE DEADLY. How will you leave it to others to see and for God to acknowledge?

A transforming time requires quantum thinking. We live in a spiritual, physical, virtual/mirror sphere. (see John 3 for evidence or toss it out at your own risk) Virtual, mixed realities morphing what is fake and what is real. Pray and believe with God not at God.

Identity Theft happens incrementally via nudging methods within the Nano pixel virtual sphere. A.I. working to hack, corrupt block chain, spectral geolocations and thieves stealing your personal identity by portraying who you are not. A.I. feeds feeding data to wide open eyes and brains to the virtual winds of cyber evil. When you are attacked, you must defend or be defeated. The absence of God in your virtual world will affect your physical world. This missing Spiritual Signature element within this sphere creates an anti safe space. Bubbles of identity theft have caused waves of explosive percolation. When these vectors collide at times they separate or combine differing POV in real life. Put on a MAGA and go downtown? How that turn out? How did that Mueller investigation turn out for those who were brainwashed by lies? Today 3/25/19, many are blind to these conflicts within reality while consumed with the IoT’s that is a metadevice? How did that happen? It’s one thing to be tricked into sending all your cash to Nigeria, a completely different thing to believe a Donald Trump, now a Great Amercian Hero President is a foreign agent, have that bubble pop in real-time on your world line. IT HAPPENED. What did you think? Truth was going to fade?

Mankind seeks a decentralized heart centered super-natural purpose. It screams to flee these lies of unjust and antichrist POV’s. As further proof of Identity Theft: L.A.R.D. below or again blindly toss it out. If you’ve read this far and are still looking foward to a solution, congradulations. You have clearly bitten off more then you can chew. Let’s eat!

The virtual sphere, the IoT, this glass marble is a tool we all look into and interact with. What do you see? There’s no God in here. It’s not a window to eternal life. It will never be the key to Heaven’s entry. It is however wide open and visible to God. It does contain our individual life prints and world lines. Check your social history’s and take a look. If it had your features it would be your Digital Twin. Do you want this to be illegally hacked and morphed into something you are not? Does your DT reflect truly who you are? Does it reflect what you purchased, communicated and traded with? Does it reflect the God of Creation?

False or misrepresentation of humanity and personal DT’s within, mock the proof of who we are MADE IN GOD  both individually and collectively. Censorship in the virtual sphere contributes to censorship in the physical sphere and vice versa. These events are an actionable cause and must be addressed. You can protect your IoT’s world line with authority.

Within the virtual IoT’s the authenticity of who you are in God, your Inalienablity is at risk to Identity Theft and this includes your Digital Twin. Your personal data will be compromised if it is not in quantum step with your life. It is vital to secure all your information and interactions within the IoT’s with a personal authorized Quantum Key Cardiac Signature to reflect the Image of God in you. Your DT will thank you for it. Think it will not? What is Amazon, FaceBook, Google, Linkedin but an extension of A.I. Hollywood capturing, listening tracking everything and everyone’s lives real-time? This data maps out digital twins of everything. A.I. can predict the future. I learns from the past. It can know what you will likely eat 6 months from today and can have it delivered Paypal drone. Think clearly about what all this deep data means and what it is being used for. Who are the curators to project your legacy? Will it be wrapped it up into a holographic projected mini series then sold to your great-grandchildren for a ransom? They will want only the truth of who you are? Will it be left to be torn asunder by the winds of the world: see General Flynn. I don’t know you from Adam but I want to be sure mine remains perfected as much as possible to the Spiritual Image of my God. We must control our own lives and reflections thereof. Our real Image of God we must reflect in the digital world and leave as a legacy to the God of our creation. To have the ability to control all our transactions, images, likeness, communications within the IoT’s is proper and our Inalienable Right to defend because We are made in His Image. Censorship is real, Twitter banned Geniuses4Jesus account. We must be able to correct in real-time when in error so our lives are not stolen, libeled, censored or mischaracterized. How much of your world line is filled with the Holy Spirit guiding you through life. How much is filled with mistrust and fear of false hope. How much of it is protected from the lies, cyber thieves and hackers of those who are willing to mock, censor, steal the Image of God and your Inalienable Rights? Protecting your life’s virtual world line’s interactions and your Digital Twin on the IoT’s from Identity Theft can be proactively managed.

Any real or virtual censorship of ones free will, POV discrimination or prerogative that excludes In God We Trust, is an actionable cause and theft of Identity. This white paper is an authoritative personal Quantum Signature of conviction that I am who I claim to be, a Child of God. Created in His likeness, I am. This conviction applies to my virtual world line and interactions, my Digital Twin’s legacies as well. I am the holder of my own Quantum Key Cardiac Signature, it is availble for use today, some IoT hardware has yet to be manifested, thus a demo is n/a. Ultimately distribution of hyperentanglement via atmospheric free-space. A Flippy Guy Foil, is a miniturizing mountain but it can be done. My photons interact accordingly with God. He is painting with live loved photons. How will you live and leave your life’s world line and your Digital Twin existence?

I am not one to risk my life nor my live interactions and DT’s legacy to randomness. Ha. Joke! If you are a member of genius4jesus or a person begin;

Quantum Thinking

Who is the curator for your virtual digital twin? 

What does it reflect right now?

How do you protect your digital twin’s virtual legacy?

Quantum key distribution verification.


The evidence in the virtual world that you and your DT represent a PERSON with a Soul or Spirit with Inalienablity. A Spiritual Sign for today’s virtual World. 

Iota (i) is the first letter of Iēsous (Ἰησοῦς), Greek for “Jesus“.
Chi (ch) is the first letter of Christos (Χριστός), Greek for “anointed” (of the Lord).
Theta (th) is the first letter of Theou (Θεοῦ), Greek for “God’s”, the genitive case of ΘεóςTheos, Greek for “God”.
Upsilon (y) is the first letter of (h)yios[10] (Yἱός), Greek for “Son”.
Sigma (s) is the first letter of sōtēr (Σωτήρ), Greek for “Saviour”.

A decentralized reality-based proof of photon level authenticity, privacy amplification, on all on-boarding interactions, transactions and communications within the IoT’s can be established with a Quantum Signature Device aka FlippyRFI/QKDFoil. The device guarantee’s you and your Digital Twin quantum level authenticity and Spiritual confirmation on all of your world line interactions eternally. Yes I know, you wondering. Crazy. No it’s carnal and it works.

Flippy Guy to the rescue!

How does Flippy Guy succeed in restoring God’s Spiritual element of man into metadevices, the virtual IoT’s and foil* ha ha, any inaccurate transactions or attempts to hack your Digital Twin’s, Image of God?

Two Flip Solution.


FlippyRFI/QKDFoil Device

*HAND HELD* RFI/QKD/ COMMUNICATIONS DEVICE. The QKD Device is in development. Some parts must be miniturized and scaled for wobblely gravity. (Just checking, do you need a brain rest?) Hardware for the RFI/QKD Foil is available today, shown below. Try not to skip ahead bitch, I had to write this shit out. Sorry that came over me. It’s a joke. Still with me.

A Foil that projects the distribution of hyperentanglement via atmospheric free-space, Flippy Guy SuperFoil, is a vision of what’s next. Conjoined with a technique known as laser vibrometry, the IoT’s can I.D. a cardiac signature at a distance. Humans thowing photons between space, wonderful. Further proof of the Image of God in mankind. Spooky action at a distance solved? In any event, INSTANT quantum level keys to the IoT’s will surely keep your interactions personally protected and safe. Additionally, while your DT protects your legacy on-line, you reflect the Image of God live in real time.

The photons are live! the hardware needs help. Below are details.

(RT=Real-Time, EOD=End of Day, PD=Previous Day)
A superluminal foil, (RFI/QKD) the round foil device/switch
positive physical side > emf (mark o me) Y
negative virtual side < emf (mark o robot) N

Technical babble, ha another joke on the Device BELOW. All current tech available today.


A HAND HELD decoy-state QKD transmitter, an entangled-photon source, and a quantum teleportation receiver and analyzer aka divine device / Hand Held version of this ⇓⇓⇓⇓ is Flippy Guy’s RFI/QKDFoil Device.



Here is a Quantis QRNG Chip. Quantum Random Number Generator.

FlippyRFI/QKDFoil Device connects you to the IoT’ with quantum authority. You are who you claim to be a reflection of God’s supernatural/spiritual abilities.

Here a graph from quantumXchange website to indicate where photon level privacy amplification aka FlippyGuy’s Quantum Key takes place within the IoT. The In God We Trust vs In Robot we Trust definitively and justly is within this  (ACTIONABLE CAUSE) accrues or decays. Flippy’s QKDFoil Device. if you will, intercedes with my Avatar within the IoT’s. My quantum cardiac signature* rejects or approves the authenticity of the Image of God on any vector within the IoT’s. Meanwhile….NFT Domains are securing blockchain one piixel at a time. Rembember we are quantum minded not crypto minded.


Phio is the first quantum-secured network in the United States and leverages the properties of quantum mechanics to transmit and receive quantum cryptographic keys between entities. Phio TX is now on line. Out-of-band key delivery. (smoke & blanets)   https://quantumxc.com/phio-tx/

Mark Zuckerberg at META has a vision 11/1/21 that elaborates exactly what I have been discussing above. The metaverse will have DT’s that may or may not reflect your Image of God. This space here (     ) is part of this metaverse. Every photon will tell a story. NFT’s, movies, art are all now on blockchain. The new currency? PhotonPay*

Each single photon, a random quantum state transmitted through fiber optics between 2 parties, observation nullifies data. Done. (a Quantum Wi-Fi/Bluetooth hyperspectral image with special signature element layer to further secure the waves) (M2M) communications.


Fingerprints of Proof, a quantum superfluid touch point, neutron source.          SPIRITUAL beta ELEMENT for the Ages.


This produces a wave function however so slight (stochastic resonance) that is superluminally entangled with the Image of God. Spooky action at a distance. This living active super-natural reflection of God’s image is inalienable and alive. A biochemical nuclide paragraph will be inserted here to nix any issues.

Fingerprints of Proof! is our DNA. It can never be removed physically but as you have read, it can be compromised in the virtual world. God’s Image in Man is embedded and embattled. This is God’s human touch on man. A reflection of His image, we were created. Interestingly the U.S. Constitution Guarantees this. Others not so much. Here is the greatest part of this solution. The Fingerprints of Proof are free because you already have them. Made of photons! Made of God. Just look, your’s are His seal of approval.




The combination of FlippyRFI/QKD Device and your neutron source aka Fingerprints of Proof manifesting at any BlueTooth/Wireless RFI point on the IoT you interact with secures your authorization AND yes because it’s quantum SIGNATURE authorization with the seal of God’s Image in you, it can’t decay or be foiled. Anywhere within the IoT your touch point allows you or your authorised Digital Twin to complete transactions with the Spiritual understanding that you are who you claim to be and your legacy is real. Your reflection of God’s Image remains intact now and eternally with your Quantum Signature as proof.

http://www.freestyledisc.org/player/michael-clarke/ QKD DT and holder of Flippy Guy

Flippy Guy / Digital Twin your on! http://www.freestyledisc.org/player/michael-clarke/ Marking and virtual tour aka emotes/foil flipping skills interactively authorize, complete, express, create, recreate and secure the proof of the Image of God in my likeness while within the IoT spheres where Flippy Guy and Digital Twin’s live, communicate and transact. Flippy Guy is the first digital twin to have this quantum ability. It is a new beta element. A first of its kind. Glad you made it this far. Hi. I’m Flippy Guy. Pixels I know but it comes all together in the end after the photons.

(My tattoos are part of my persona and are extensions of both my self-expression and identity. They were commissioned pieces of work that I directed and chose personally.

Flippy Guy Logo™

1979 Copyright Act protects “pantomimes and choreographic works” thus as required for copyright protection, I have fixed my “static and kinetic successions of bodily movement (Flippy Guy’s 3rd World Foil Skills) in certain rhythmic and spatial relationships” in a tangible medium of expression by posting my works on video on YouTube and other mediums. This protection includes virtual and mix reality expressions of the same via Avatars or emotes in MMORPGs, block chain, NFT’s Non Fungible Tokens or quantum transmissions in perpetuity*) (ICO Initial coin offering FliptoCoin.

FliptoCoin ICO, Blockchain Coin to being established to fund this project and will be part of the adventures of FlippyGuy children’s and Charity programs. Geniuses4Jesus.org.


Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) and Quantum Random Number Generator (QRNG) technologies. Extravaganzist. EDGE. A virtual quantum theft in the mind. Not on Flippy Guy’s watch! Theft a quantum explosive percolation wave war. Graviton activities?

Thoughts of purposeful random. DOUBLE ASPECT THEORY  or (electrochemical) Quasi-Equilibrium

Flippy Foil Hand held Orchestration; disc/foil/sphere /manifold
Proprioception is used in all Flippy Guy’s spheres.


What are the Spectra here? The magnetic quantum number distinguishes the orbitals available within a subshell and is used to calculate the azimuthal component (POV discernment) of the orientation of orbital in space. At the quantum superfluid level all the way out to the galactic level Flippy Guy and his Flippy Foil surf gravitational waves with galactic neutrinos splitting definitively all Nano pixels in between the real physical world and the virtual world with is FlippyQKDFoiler* Users can 3d print merchandise, FGFoils and Holographically cast on demand.


HERE YOU GO https://biblehub.com/


ETERNAL Connectivity / REFECTION / Conviction

Syllabification: de·ni·al·ist     Pronunciation: /dəˈnīələst/ A person who does not acknowledge the truth of a concept or proposition that is supported by the majority of scientific or historical evidence; a denier: Are you a Christ Denialist? Again, see Nicodemus in John 3.

Is Flippy Guy a quantum superfluid interactive foiler? Yes.


Cyber evil is the peer 2 peer attempt of big data to eliminate ethics and metaphysics in quiddity via taxonomy and iteration resulting in re-establishing the dichotomy of priori and posteriori thus reinforcing quantum entangled stochastic behavior in space-time. Put that in your heap and stack and smoke it!


Cyber evil is the peer 2 peer attempt of big data to

eliminate ethics and metaphysics



via taxonomy and iteration

resulting in re-establishing the dichotomy of


reinforcing quantum entangled


stochastic behavior in space-time.